Bigg Supervisor 13 Members List

Bollywood stars today are no more happy to only stay on the large screen. Several also have tried their chance on the tiny monitor with great success. Besides acting in TV collection and knowing reveals, they have also tried their hand at hosting shows. Their onscreen recognition translates into immediate news and business.


It has turned into a recent trend in Bollywood for many A-list personalities to seem on the tiny screen. These stars are being observed more on fact and efficiency reveals than on TV serials. Their visibility on these reveals promotes profits and viewership for routes and the stars consequently touch base to a more impressive audience.


Salman Khan who has managed quite a few editions of Bigg Employer managed the seventh variation of Bigg Employer too. It turned an important strike in India and raked up several controversies that produced headlines.


To Salman, a TV display provides a opportunity for the market to begin to see the personalities in a very different gentle, a far cry from their heroes in Bollywood movies. "For almost any actor, the real characters are his fans. Therefore, by carrying out a TV display, my  Bigg Boss 13 readers get to see the real Salman. Isn't that (TV) a much better prize for me?" he said. Sana Khan, one of the contestants in Bigg Employer 6, bagged an important position in Salman's impending film Jai Ho. Her spat with a competitor contestant gained Salman's heart. When Salman was searching for an innocent yet extreme identity in Jai Ho he believed that Sana could match the bill.


Amitabh Bachchan managed the brilliant game display Kaun Banega Crorepati which continued to create history on the tiny screen. There were impulsive responses to the display and it got even more visitors when for the first time a lady was handed the crorepati title.


Television is becoming so large that Bollywood's superstar Shah Rukh Khan admits that the actor's accomplishment today isn't assessed simply by package company profits, but his association with a TV show. "Today stardom isn't about prizes and package company numbers, but about who has a larger TV show. Therefore I'm seeking to do something. I've informed Punit and the Zee family to consider anything for me," the actor said.


Shah Rukh began his job on the tiny monitor with the display Fauji followed by Circus in 1989. "The TV market is very large and I also began with TV and I regard the medium a lot. Television is a good software for each actor and actress. I would want to take part in it when provided a chance," he added.